Wedding Photography


We love getting know our clients, having some fun, and capturing extraordinarily beautiful images of you at your best. Whether you are new to photography, or a photoshoot veteran, the comfort level and trust you build with your photographer is the key to relaxed and natural imagery. We will get to know you and understand what you are looking for, then bring it to life!

No Time Limits

We are proudly home of the no time-limit photoshoot. We want everyone to be able to relax and just let the creativity flow. A session with aKaiserPhoto is all about letting your hair down, throwing caution to the wind, and having fun! No idea is too big or too small, and with creativity at the helm of the aKaiserPhoto ship, the sky is the only limit.

Capturing Memories

When you look back on your photoshoot, we want you to remember all the fun you had doing it! The laughter, the amazing locations and the intimate time to connect with your loved ones. Not only are you going to walk away with photos that will last a lifetime, you will carry with you memories that endure the test of time.



Our Wedding Process


Step 1

The first step is meeting up! Booking the right photographer is all about feeling comfortable with the person behind the lens. Feeling comfortable = better photos and more fun along the whole journey. For this reason, I do not give my pricing online. Meeting is a key component to making the right decision, allowing those photo sparks to fly.

Step 2

After we meet, you can take all the information home to discuss it between you two. It’s important to me that you have the opportunity to look over everything at a time and place that is more comfortable for you. Think about all the options available to decide exactly the perfect package for you. You can email me any questions as they arise!

Step 3

Once you have decided the package that suits you best, I will guide you to a client login on my website where you can fill out details to help give me a better vision of what you see your special day like. Once that is completed, we will set up another meeting, at a location of your choice, to discuss everything further. This meeting will mainly be to fill out other things such as contract, deposits, etc. We will also set up a date and time for your Engagement session, talk about locations and visions of what suit you both best.

Step 4

We will continue communication as time goes on with the ability to contact me anytime to explain progress in your wedding day planning and ask me for suggestions or guidance on ways to better capture your special day. Keeping me informed will make everything go much smoother.

Step 5

As we approach your wedding day we will set up a final meeting one or two weeks prior to your day. At this meeting we will take care of the final deposit amount, create a detailed timeline of events, locations, shots, etc. This will help put your whole day into perspective and allow me to plan accordingly.

Step 6

THE BIG DAY!  So exciting! You will have received a detailed timeline of events a few days prior, giving you a guide to how the day will play out. I will get you to quickly review it, just to make sure I have everything right! I will keep constant communication as the day goes on so we don’t sway too far from the plan. This way you can just sit back, relax, sip on some champagne and enjoy! Candid, unexpected moments and events are also super fun, so remember this is only a guide! My goal is making sure those moments most important to you go off without a hitch!!

Step 7

Congratulations, you’re married!!

Boy did that go fast! haha. Typically weddings start and end before you know it!

A lot of times important friends and family can’t make it for certain reasons, so I always like to post a teaser to Facebook the night of, or the following day (not necessary if you want to keep it private). This way they will still be able to see how special your day was, without having to wait until all your photos are done. Make sure to let me know if you prefer to keep it private. I will then send it to you personally! For just the two of you!


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