December 1, 2019




Spotlight Dance Company



First of all, thank you for your interest in booking with aKaiserPhoto, or Dance by aKaiserPhoto, to be exact.

This will be the first time aKaiserPhoto has ever offered Dance Minis. How exciting is that?! I know a bunch of you have been waiting for this announcement…


Although we recommend getting a full personalized session (for the best experience), these minis are a great way to capture amazing dance photos, at a discounted rate.

Since this will be the first time, they will unfortunately only be available in studio and to Spotlight Dance Company dancers. Dates for everyone and other studios are in the works.

NOTE: If you are a studio owner, and are interested in hosting Dance Mini Sessions (in studio or outdoors) for your students, please contact us via email.

Ok!! Back to the info part.

Sunday, December 1st, 2019 is currently the only day (at the moment) we are accepting bookings for, so make sure you register as soon as possible! Limited spots are available.

Other dates coming soon… Including Outdoor Minis this summer!!!

Spotlight parents/dancers, I’m sure you have a ton of questions. So hopefully the information in this blog will answer most of them. If at the end you still have some, don’t be afraid to send us a message on either Facebook or by email.

Dance Minis include basic features, but there will also be the option to customize certain things (for an additional cost).

Once you register (below), all options and info will be sent to you. Everything can be taken care of online, keeping it simple and mobile friendly!

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Let’s get started!


dance, dance photo, akaiserphoto, sudbury photographer, dance photography, dance by aKaiserPhoto, so you think you can dance.1. What’s included


– 1 outfit

– 1 backdrop (for Spotlight dancers you will have the choice of black or yellow)

– 2 digital images

– Makeup by MUA Dana Lajeunesse

– Hair (TBA, will be provided)

– 20min shoot time (+1hr for hair and makeup)


It’s YOUR shoot.


2. Add-ons

Here are some ways you will be able to customize the shoot exactly for you!

Items that can be added on:

– Additional poses (same backdrop)

– Additional backdrop (with your own choice of colour)

– Additional images

– Props (stools, ladders, etc.)dancephotographer, dancer, dance, dancephoto, akaiserphoto


dancephotographer, dancer, dance, dancephoto, akaiserphotoDance, ballet, akaiserphoto, dance photography, sudbury photographer





1. Will a dance teacher be present for my shoot?

Yes, someone will be present to assist for the entire day.


2. Can I bring a friend with me?

Unfortunately, we don’t allow guests or friends to accompany you at any of our sessions. This is both for safety reasons and reducing distractions. For minors, ONE parent will be permitted. (You may be asked to wait in the lounge area during session times.)


3. My package only includes 2 photos. Can I buy more?

Yes of course! When registering you will have the option to add additional images at a discounted rate of 25% off. After, you will still have the option to add images at the regular rate.

A couple days after the session, you will be able to view your photos on a beautifully displayed online gallery. From there you will be able to choose the ones that are included in your package and buy more if you want, as stated above. There will also be a special “buy all” rate, where you can get ALL the photos for one fixed charge.


4. Will I be able to print my own photos? How big can they be enlarged to?

All files will be in .jpg format (most compatible for all devices and social media). With your package we include printing rights. This means you have the right to print the 2 selected images on your own, at no additional charge (a mini session launch promo). Any additional digital files purchased will also come with printing rights. If you would like us to print, you will have options in the shopping cart of the online gallery. We are always here to help if you have any questions or need help with printing.


5. Can I wear one of my dance costumes for the shoot?

These mini sessions are meant as a step away from your typical dance costume photoshoots. We believe that’s what recital photos are perfect for.

We will not tell you what you have to wear to your shoot. However, we highly suggest you keep it casual, different, and new by following the tips and guidelines webpage that will be sent out to all booking clients once contract and payments are made.


6. Will I be able to see some of the images during the session?

We love showing images as we shoot. It helps with confidence and shows how amazing you are without photoshop!!

We will have my camera tethered to an iPad so we can review the images for composition, posing, expression, and lighting as we go. This helps make things go a lot faster. However, we don’t allow for others to view them. We will randomly select images to show the dancers and/or parent. We want to build some excitement too for the final product. Can you blame us?


Want to secure your spot?


Register Here!!


Also, one lucky dancer will win their mini session for FREE!

Everyone that books will automatically be entered (fee will be refunded if you win), or if you haven’t booked a session but are feeling lucky, follow the instructions on Dance by aKaiserPhoto’s Facebook page post. Clicker here!


Do you have any questions not answered in this blog?

If so, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or on Facebook.