Got your attention?!?

Well… I’m doing it again, 3rd year in a row!!!

If you’re getting married (or know of someone), and you want to be part of this giveaway, you will want to read on… (last year’s winners are at the end of this blog!)

Imagine finding out your wedding day photography coverage didn’t end up costing you a dime!

Here’s your chance, but make sure to read everything!

How it works…

I will choose one lucky couple at some point throughout the year.  Can’t say when exactly, because I totally need to keep it a surprise!

I wanted it to be unexpected!

Oooh the suspense!!! Imagine me showing up with a package full of cash?

Who would say no to that!

 sudbury wedding photographer


Now you might ask… why am I doing this?

Well… December 27th, 2011 was when aKaiserPhoto first began; and at that time, just a part-time hobby (while working for a local mining company). My aKaiserPhoto Facebook page page full of mostly scenery pictures and a bunch of random things. The thought of aKaiserPhoto becoming a career wasn’t even a thought.

After successfully finishing my first year as full time photographer, I wanted to find a way to give back. Now, I want to do it again!


*One complimentary wedding per year*


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I want it to be fun, special and different, though! I don’t want it to be a contest or competition. I want to give it away! A total surprise.


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Just remember, this isn’t a contest, or anything like that. Just something new I want to do. This will be (and always will be) purely a gift from me to one lucky couple I choose, every year!


sudbury wedding photographer


How can you be part of this giveaway?


1. Choose me…

Since this is not a contest, you will need to decide whether to hire me, aKaiserPhoto’s photography services, apart from all the information above. You must like my style and my work. A consultation must be set up to make sure we are the right fit. Making sure our personalities match is such an important part to making sure your wedding goes off without a hitch. Don’t worry though, consultations are free!

2. Meet me…

You must understand prior to meeting up for a consultation that my packages START at $3195+tax, with a 25% non-refundable deposit down, to lock in the date. Available dates are based on a first-come-first-serve basis.

3. Book me…

All bookings will need to sign a contract and understand that they are booking me as a hired photography service on its own. You are not hiring me for the sole purpose (or expectation) of getting it free. You understand your wedding will be a fully paid wedding without relying on it being a gift from me at any point.

4. Random giveaway…

You understand that the wedding will be “given away”. It is NOT a contest. The couple will be chosen by aKaiserPhoto at some point during the 2018 wedding season.

5. Expenses…

Expenses are not included. Note: Since engagement sessions are included in all my packages, but will be done on a separate day, they are unfortunately considered to be an expense.

6. Destinations…

Destination Weddings at any location are eligible (flight and other expenses not included).

7. Like, share and…

Like, share and comment on this post. Not required, but totally appreciated!  (and if you’re not getting married, but made it this far WOW, make sure to tag someone you know who IS getting married).


wedding, akaiserphoto, sudbury photographer

Did you make it through everything?

Congratulations to all my clients that have already booked, and all the newly engaged couples! 2018 has been an amazing year. I’m really looking forward to 2019 being even better.

– Mike


Last years winners, Michaela and Skyler!


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wedding, akaiserphoto, wedding photographerwedding, akaiserphoto, wedding photographer
wedding, akaiserphoto, wedding photographer wedding, akaiserphoto, wedding photographer
wedding, akaiserphoto, wedding photographerwedding, akaiserphoto, wedding photographer
wedding, akaiserphoto, wedding photographer

Michaela and Skyler’s small intimate wedding started off with the exchanging of vows and rings at their first look. Such special moments to share with each other, just between the two of them. The emotion was at a level I’ve never seen before.

Michaela and Skyler were both students at the time (we know how costly that can be) while also planning their wedding.  These two were more than deserving!

Congratulations again!

– Mike

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have already booked with me, you will automatically be included. Just comment “Can’t wait for our day!” on this blog, and select the “also post on Facebook” option, before you hit post!



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